It’s very easy to get the right nourishment for the Soul, the recipe for this is: Meditation, Footsoak, Meditation, Introspection and Meditation. You do that, you are fine.

To find the right nourishment for the body is a totally different story, because it has a lot to do with the state of your chakras and channels. If you are a left sided person you would do good to eat more protein, if you are a right sided person you better eat “cooling” food, such as yoghurt, white rice and definitely stay away from hot spices.

How can you find out if you are a right-sided or left-sided person? Well, assuming you already have your self-realization, check how your hands feel when you lift them up. See if one or both hands feel heavy or hot. If your right hand feels that way or if you feel more vibrations in your left hand, you are a right-sided-person. If your left hand feels heavy or hot and you feel more vibrations in your right hand, you are a left-sided person.

If you don’t have your self-realization yet, you better click here.  Also, let’s take a look on your average morning?  Are you one of those people who sleep until the last minute, rush to work and gulp down breakfast in the car? Do you get angry about slow moving traffic and other drivers? If so, welcome to the right side!

When you start your day like this you don’t give your subtle system an easy job to handle. What happens is that your spleen gets so excited that it doesn’t know how to react anymore and fails. If you do this every morning you could open up a door to blood cancer. The spleen failure will eventually affect the kidneys; than you will be put on dialysis and finally die bankrupt. OK, that would be an extreme scenario, but if you have done this life style for years you better change it now.

And then there is your liver! Gosh, the poor liver. This hardworking organ has not only the job to absorb all the poison in the body it also is the seat of our attention. When we start thinking heat passes through our blood stream. The more you think the more heat is produced. Be honest, do you think a lot? You know what happens when your mind is super-active? Your liver has to work day and night shifts, until it’s stressed out and goes on vacation. So the heat will saturate in the stomach, slowly but surely passing upwards through the right heart, where it might create some asthma on the way, or even worse will produce so much heat that you end up getting diabetes.

And what about your bowel movement? Do you suffer of constipation? If so, that would be another common problem among over active people.

If you can see yourself in any of these examples – become vegetarian immediately. Just kidding! But the intake of meat should definitely be moderate, because protein heats up the body and when you are already on the right side you really don’t need to give your body anymore heat, you need to cool down. So stay away from fats, and that includes French fries, no dairy, no processed white bread, forget chips, bacon, burgers and anything else what is deep fried. No acidic foods like oranges, lemon, pickles, don’t drink stimulating beverages like tea, coffee or pop, absolutely no buzz. Unfortunately there is no chocolate allowed either, cut down on salt and step back from red meat and fish.

OK, I know what you are thinking, what’s left to eat? Right? Don’t worry, there is plenty, I assure you. I recently fell totally in love with “The Kind Diet” by Alicia Silverstone and found all recipes, I have tried so far not only highly nutritious but also very satisfying and my tummy feels fabulous after a bowl of delicious lentil or eggplant stew. The book has only vegan recipes but you don’t have to become vegan. You can still eat chicken once in a while. You can also eat boiled rice, potatoes and pretty much all vegetables and liters of ginger tea. Ginger is very good for the liver and so is honey.

You do this for 2-3 months you will feel different. Help your subtle system to get balanced with cold foot soaks, morning and evening and put an icepack on your liver. (Rap some ice cubes in a towel and put them on the right side next to your belly button.)

Now, what about the left side? We mentioned earlier that if your left hand feels heavy or hot and you feel more vibrations in your right hand, you are a left-sided person. If you have a lot of allergies, skin problems, colds, yep that would mean that your left side needs a bit of attention.  In opposite of the right side, the left side needs some heat. That doesn’t mean that you can go now to the next hamburger shack and order French Fries, onion rings and coffee, no it simply means that you can increase your proteins either by eating more meat, fish or legume.

To help your subtle system you might want to do warm foot-soaks, twice a day, and use a candle. Put it in front of your left channel and either leave it there during your meditation or go up and down the channel with it but don’t forget that the channels cross on your forehead and you have to do the same with the candle.

However for both sides, left and right applies the same rule in terms of food preparations and intake. Ever heard the saying: “Love goes through the stomach”? It is so true. Your attitude during food preparations has a huge impact.

I once worked in Hamburg on a boat which made harbor trips and every Saturday there was a party on board. People would buy a ticket which included buffet, soft drinks and a DJ. The ship company would alternate caterers for these parties but both would cook the same dishes. The food of the one caterer would always taste delicious and would give you comfort, when the other one would deliver, yeah it sort of tasted alright but this feeling of comfort was missing and you felt like eating something else because it wasn’t really satisfying. One evening I talked to the chef who helped collecting the dishes and he told me that he hates cooking. That explained the lack of the most important ingredient – love. The other caterer saw great pride in preparing meals and wasn’t holding back with putting lots of love into her food and therefore created satisfied tummies.

In our busy times we sometimes take to quick solutions like frozen, canned or pre-cooked food. Do yourself a favour, – don’t. Believe me you can cook dishes, with fresh vegetables very quick. And while we are at it, try to follow four simple suggestions which would do good things to your Nabhi Chakra.

  1. Do not eat in a rush or stand while eating. Take your time.
  2. Have kind and loving thoughts while you prepare food.
  3. Try to avoid instant seasonings, artificial flavourings and pre-cooked or canned food.
  4. Always, always, always – vibrate your food and drinks with the Shri Annapurna Mantra. Once you have your self-realization, your hands start to omit vibrations which have a “neutralizing” effect.

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