The adventure of the Atlantic Blitz started for me on Thursday, May 16th at 4 a.m., because there is only one train per day going from Kitchener Waterloo to the big city – Toronto.

The sun was shining warm and pleasant when I arrived at Union Station. I had about 2 hours before it was time to hop on the airport shuttle bus and I took a stroll on Front Street. It was my first flight with Porter from Toronto Island and I have to say, that this is my new favourite airline; free water and Starbucks coffee, friendly staff, plenty of Mac Computers to check your email before takeoff, comfy chairs, and a stunning view to Toronto downtown.
The flight was pleasant and when I arrived at Halifax airport, Marcel was already waiting to welcome me. Only 3 yogis from Ontario came to participate in the Atlantic Blitz, but because we were a small group we could all stay at the ashram in Mill Village. We couldn’t have wished for better hosts, Mary, Marcel and Kathleen treated us like kings and queens and never got tired showing us the beauty of NS.

The next day we all moved to the Chebucto Inn in Halifax. The motel was located right next to the venue where the first program was booked. We decorated the room, prepared the foyer and went all for dinner at the nearby Lebanese restaurant. That evening, we all gathered in one of our rooms for collective meditation and Sahaj storytelling, sharing miracles and amazing experiences. It was so joyful to grow more connected to our Canadian brothers and sisters.Anandita03

Anandita, our Indian sister and artist arrived at midnight and joined us for a trip to Peggy’s Cove the next morning. A cold wind was blowing strongly but we walked bravely to the lighthouse and enjoyed the marvelous view over the Atlantic Ocean.

We drove back to the venue in Halifax to finish decorating and a little bit later we welcomed our first guests.
About 40 people attended the program and Anandita’s performance was wonderful and filled with vibrations. As she rested between dances, Mary sang a couple songs and sounded beautiful. You can always say that the program was a success when people don’t want to leave afterwards. The exposure to Indian classical dance and music is very little in NS therefore Anandita answered patiently a million questions while others enjoyed refreshments.

By the way – the follow up program on Victoria Day brought 30 people to the regular class – quite a blast.
When the people finally left and we had cleaned up we all drove back to the ashram in Mill Village. A collective footsoak and a good night sleep prepared us for the inauguration of the new centre in Liverpool.

We had breakfast the next morning at White Point, an Oceanside resort 10 minutes from the centre. We enjoyed the views and a walk along the Atlantic shore . Back at the centre we prepared and decorated. As I mentioned before Indian classical dance and music has not been exposed on a big scale in Halifax, but Liverpool has never even seen an Indian. Therefore Anandita’s performance left the 30 guests in awe.

The next day we had to say Good bye to Anandita who was heading off to Europe for a music and meditation tour. Of course this couldn’t be done without gifts and Thank yous.

IMG_1080The last days of our Blitz were spent with the local yogis who showed us the most beautiful beaches, picturesque towns and stunning landscape. If you have never been to Nova Scotia let me assure you, it is definitely well worth the trip. The pace is so relaxing and the people innocent and open hearted. Sahaja Yoga started in 2006 there and the collective is still small, but with the new beautiful centre it will most likely establish and grow. Hopefully the little film convinced you to pay a visit and meet the collective down East.


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    Colleen Burgess said:

    Jun. 10, 2013

    Awesome video, thank you so much Gita. Makes me want to visit Nova Scotia. When the Indian music first started it brought tears to my eyes.

    Katharina said:

    Jun. 10, 2013

    Aww, love the video! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

      Mahvash said:

      Jun. 15, 2013

      Many thanks Gita, very nice area

    Draupadi said:

    Jun. 16, 2013

    THANKS A LOT for this wonderful impressions from the Vishuddichakra of the world!!! With best wishes from the South of Vienna.

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