Ottawa Blitz 2012

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It is often a little thing which opens one’s heart and lets the love flow. And so it was at the Ottawa Blitz -just that it was more than one little thing. There was little Shashwat bonding so affectionately with Dylan, a yuva from Waterloo, Roshini who happily shared berries she bought at the market from her allowance, the excitement from the new Ottawa yogis who were eager to meet the big collective from Toronto, seeing Priti’s joy when her dream of 20 years of visiting Ottawa came true, Paytel’s singing with such devotion that you became thoughtless just looking at her, Chalendra’s boys who gave up comfort and slept on chairs so they could spend a few more hours with the yuvas from Toronto, the amazing meditations, the joyful bhajans, the sharing, loving, taking care of each other, and, and, and… In short living the Sahaj way as Mother intended it for her children. That’s what we had for three blessed days

Of course there were challenges too; one for example was to introduce “German Timing”. It started with an early bus boarding at 5:45 a.m. in Caledon. We ended up leaving the premises only 7 minutes later than scheduled. The next day we were totally on time, and on the last day we actually arrived 10 minutes early for our guided tour at the parliament. Yes, you read correctly, we did arrive E A R L Y. This could have been the first time in sahaj history. Amazing!

The ride to the other two stops, York Mills and Newcastle passed like nothing. Stories were told, bhajans sang and all of a sudden we were at Thousand Islands enjoyed lunch, a cool footsoak and a stretch on the green grass.

With full tummies we continued our journey and arrived in Ottawa early afternoon. We went straight to the Museum of Civilization where we could greet and embrace the Montreal yogis. What a joy. Together we learnt about Canada’s history and inheritance which was beautifully displayed in the museum. After, we did a scenic walk from there to Byward Market. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and hot and the forecast promised this weather for the entire weekend.

Garry, our school bus driver brought us to the hotel and after a yummy Indian meal we retired early to catch up on sleep and to be fresh for the next day – our plan was to distribute 2000 flyers, 300 posters and to give self-realization at four different locations.

We were 55 yogis from Toronto, 2 from Montreal and 4 from Ottawa and we split into four groups to cover all locations. It was a complete success and at the end of the day Ottawa had about 400 more realized people.

When we gathered at the common room that night we also had the pleasure of meeting newer yogis from Ottawa who were very excited to meet us. We sang bhajans, had a meditation and went to bed with joy in our heart, and the gratitude and satisfaction you can only get from passing on self-realization.

On our last day we met the Ottawa gang once more at the parliament building and toured through the amazing common room, library and halls, while discretely spraying vibrated water out of 9 bottles.

After a delicious lunch it was time to part and we had to say farewell to the Ottawa and Montreal yogis. The way home was broken up by another stop at Thousand Islands where we not only did a collective shoebeat but also a collective body soak.

We could feel that Shri Mataji was taking good care of us. The tour money which had been calculated magically allowed us to have an extra lunch together, the bhandan we gave for the traffic worked beautifully and the ride back was a breeze. From the last tour money we wanted to buy ice cream for everyone but alas, the service station had only enough to make the children happy and the adults didn’t get any. But then another “little thing” happened, when we arrived in Newcastle, John and Suzanne were expecting us with cold pop and ICE CREAM. You should have seen the joyful sparks in everyone’s eyes. After many hugs it was time to part, but not without promising that more events like this need to be done. So watch out for announcements in the very near future.


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    Kamishibai said:

    Jun. 5, 2012

    Awesome video. Makes me fell like visiting Canada.

    Ramaa said:

    Jun. 6, 2012

    I enjoyed seeing you all on this wonderful tour. It makes me feel doing the same with the Yogis in Germany.
    Thanks a lot for showing it to us.

    Neha said:

    Jun. 6, 2012

    The video is amazing! We watched it already couple of times. You did a fabulous job putting it together.

    Draupadi said:

    Jun. 9, 2012

    Thank you for this nice report of your journey to Ottawa. I felt like beeing with you all there. With best wishes from Austria – Draupadi.

    Anshuman said:

    Aug. 19, 2012

    Hey, there’s Dylan in the video, what great personalities in the Toronto Collective I must say. Me? I’m a fellow sahaja yogi from the Ottawa collective, need i say more

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