Native American Tour 2012

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While we were spreading Sahaja Yoga around lake Erie another group visited reservations and gave about 500 native Americans their self-realization. Please enjoy reading their adventure.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, this tour was incredible. The divine led us to where we were needed most and something deep and profound was being worked out. On the reservations there are so many areas where the lands are so full of vibrations, such as in Bear Butte, in Sturgis, South Dakota. Bear Butte is a very sacred mountain where Native Americans go to practice their natural religion using the elements and worship of the Mother Earth. Chief Crazy Horse would go there to experience the Vision Quest and get away from the crowds of people. The Indians go there to meditate, to cleanse and purify, and pray to the Almighty Creator. The vibrations of this mountain are very strong! As we climbed Bear Butte, we felt more and more strongly the opening of the Sahasrara.  

The Sacred Black Hills, also in South Dakota, are slowly being desecrated with thousands of bike riders who hold their yearly gatherings, drink, do drugs, and dress very inauspiciously. Many people are buying or selling lands with total disregard of the sacredness of these incredible hills.  When we drove through the isolated areas of the Black Hills our Kundalinis became very strong as the Sahastrara opened fully!

Yet greed is a powerful negative force in this country and the greedy people continue to buy lands within these holy hills and open up different establishments. They have even opened up many wineries on this very sacred land. One in particular is called “Naked Wineries.” It is so offensive and terrible to see. My heart was literally hurting as we went through these places that people continue to take illegally. Hill City, one of the smaller towns in the foothills of this sacred land, was full of bikers, tourists, and bars!  These lands are so sacred that the Indians don’t even live there but greedy people continue to sell and buy lands and totally have lost any form of respect for sacred lands that belong to others. The Lakota Indians consider the Black Hills to be the center of the universe and that they all originated from these hills.

We also went to Wounded Knee near the town of Pine Ridge on the Pine Ridge reservation. As most of you know, this was the last struggle for the Indians to maintain their culture and freedom. It was after the killings of over 390 Natives, mostly women and children that the Native Americans gave up completely their fight for their lands. We have visited Wounded Knee quite a few times, have held havans, and also threw lemons and peppers. When we visited it this time we actually felt cool vibrations!  We still had a small havan and again threw lemons and peppers in various parts of the area.

There is a very serious problem which still exists among the Native Americans- that  is the lack of unity among all the tribes and nations. Although some of the tribes may have been enemies in the past, there was never disunity among them. When they would fight for their lands they came together and fought. But nowadays there is very little unity between the different tribes. Separation and a lack of communication stills exists between the Native communities.

There are various reasons for this. Rae Elle, a profound woman and seeker from Cheyenne River Sioux who came back for all three follow-ups and even went out with us after the last follow-up, named one important cause for this loss of unity among the tribes. In the past the US government had intentionally separated the various tribes geographically, placing them far away from each other

They never had experienced disease until the invaders arrived.  There was the introduction of smallpox which killed many Natives, there was the introduction of alcohol which contributed in the destruction of once noble highly spiritual people. Their spirits were broken and their hearts could no longer beat strongly as it once did!

It is not a surprise that there is no powerful unity today. Collective power does not exist and this weakens the Native Americans and weakens their voices in the government and in society. In talking with them I also felt that many of them are tired of their hard, difficult lives and have almost given up.

Yet there is hope!

In one of Shri Mataji’s meetings with a group of Native Americans, She specifically told them to unite and fight for their rights. As Sahaja Yogis we can help in this great problem by giving the Native Americans Self-Realization and sharing with them all the beautiful teachings of Our Divine Mother. We can help them come out of the past and allow them to experience the joy and healing aspects of Sahaja Yoga. As Shri Mataji has often told us, the only way out of the dark past, fear, and ignorance is Sahaja Yoga.  


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