It has been a long time since England was the host of an international puja and when the invitation came that Shri Shiva Puja was going to happen in the heart of the universe I booked my flight right away.

Also I haven’t been in England for a very long time and was looking forward to reconnect with yogi friends I haven’t seen in person for as long as 10 and 15 years. It was great joy to see the first of those friends at Heathrow Airport.  Lyn, was so kind to pick me up and it felt as if we had just parted last week and not many many years ago. I guess Facebook does have a good purpose.

The very next day I was on my way to Dover and since everybody knows that rain falls easy in good old England I borrowed an umbrella from my friend. As it turned out it was a wise move, because it rained cat and dogs upon my arrival. I had booked a room in a B&B which was absolutely adorable. The lady of the house spoke English with a strong accent. It consisted mostly of half words and as a result I only understood half. It go’ bet’r tho’, latr.

In the evening I started walking from my B&B to the place where the seminar took place. A terminal at the ferry docks was rented for that purpose and with my little map I had downloaded from Mapquest I was sure to see some more old friends in just a little bit of time. There were many terminals at the huge harbour, but unfortunately not the one I was looking for. While I was wandering around and slowly got soaked (an umbrella can only protect you so much) a police car stopped next to me.
“Excuse me” a friendly officer asked. “Where are you going?”
“I wish I knew” I replied and explained to her about the terminal that was rented for a meditation seminar and was nowhere to be found. The other officer who drove the car started to nod his head and said:
“I think I know where it is. Hop in the car, we’ll drive you there.”

The puja terminal was completely at the other end of the harbour. It would have taken me an hour by foot, but with the police car it only took 5 minutes. Most people will remember Dover because of the white cliffs, the castle, or the strong relationship it has with James Bond * I’ll remember it because of its friendly police officers and the vibration loaded puja.

*Ian Fleming has lived in Dover and in front of his house stopped a bus that inspired him to the name of his well known character James Bond. The number of the bus line was 007.

Featured Music: Jerusalem by Deborah Eckman, Pretty Rose Tree by Victor Vertunni, Oh Holy Virgin by Alexandra Fuente

I also had some time to walk around the old part of Dover, visit the castle and stroll along the beach with yogis from Russia and Ukraine. Temperatures were around 7 C, much warmer than in Canada and for the rest of my stay it didn’t rain anymore.

Featured Music: One Road by Glenn Pattison

On Monday I drove to the Blossom Farm with Philippa from UK and two yoginis from Hong Kong. The farm is really out in the boonies but showered with vibrations so strong that the collective morning meditations were pure bliss. Currently three couples live there. One of them were Pat, the author of the book “Expecting to Fly” and his wife. Together they can look back on quite a sahaj history and we loved to numerous stories about the old times. Pat was a bit shy to talk about his book but at the end he did.

Prakash and Natalia also live there and they took us to a nearby place called Warwick, a really old town with a castle from 1350 and a teashop which looked like a witch house. Everything was crocked in there, walls, floors, stairs. The waitress wore a black dress with a white ruffled apron, served us cream tea and said many times ‘lovely’. Ahhhh, picture book England!

Featured Music: Irish Dance by Wienananda

After having enjoyed the country for a couple of days, I headed back to London. For a theatre lover like me London is paradise. There are so many shows to choose from, it’s hard to pick because they are all amazing. Stars like Helen Mirren, James McAvoy or Rowan Atkinson can be seen here every night on stage, plus plenty of other productions with fantastic actors, dancers and musicians. Tickets for shows which are not sold out are half price, so Lyn and I managed to see three shows “Burn the Floor”, “Stomp” and “The Winslow Boy”.

In my old job I had to spent many weekends in London but of course that was a billion years ago and many things have changed. For example Kings Cross has now a platform 9 ¾ , but other than that Buckingham Palace and Big Ben are still there and the one and only Fortnum & Mason, at Piccadilly Circus still serves the very best of British produce as they did 300 years ago.

Featured Music: Aviemore by The Cast, Geistliche Musik by Johann Sebastian Bach

On my last day we did a trip to Felpham, a village in West Sussex. William Blake has lived here for three years in a little cottage. The cottage is now privately owned and a lovely old lady of 90 plus years lives there with her son. A yogini from Brighton had organized an appointment with the old lady and we got permission to step in and take a look from the inside. It was the best; as soon as we stepped over the threshold we could feel the vibrations in every of the cozy small rooms with the low ceiling. The lady – her name is Heather – was a wonderful story teller and knew everything about Blake’s live. She told us that he not only had completed 64 paintings here, he had worked on a poem which is now the inspirational hymn “Jerusalem” and also had done a glass stain window in the local church.

Featured Music: The Chimney Sweeper by Victor Vertunni

If there is ever again a puja in Great Britain I wouldn’t hesitate to come back and hopefully I won’t be the only Canadian next time. You learn so much when you go to other countries/ collectives. It’s easy and comfortable to stay in the realm you know and familiar with but the real growth starts when you step outside the box. There is nothing to worry, we are protected; something you’ll learn too and when you take that “risk” it does pay back and fills you with memories so precious and beautiful that you will always feel the joy again when you think about it. At least that is what my heart is doing when I think back of those days.


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    anaic said:

    Apr. 2, 2013

    A big thanks fot this testimony ful of fragrance

    Lyn said:

    Apr. 2, 2013

    Stunning, Gita. Thank you for taking me back to those special days; my heart is also filled with joy 🙂

      admin said:

      Apr. 4, 2013

      Thank you Lym, I really hope I’ll be back before 15 years have passed again 🙂

    Kruti Gandhi said:

    Apr. 2, 2013

    Dear Gita,
    I am speechless after reading your story and looking at all the videos. This is truly amazing. I learned so much about our sahaj culture in England. The yogis are so talented and deep. I enjoyed your humorous photos of the places and also the music that went along with the videos. Thank you for giving us a brief tour about your trip, it was truly filled with beauty and cool breeze.

    Annika Misina said:

    Apr. 3, 2013

    Wish i had been there, too! Thanks for sharing!

    Louis Marie Durand said:

    Apr. 3, 2013

    Super !
    You gave a “plus” of aesthetic and heart to my photos…
    Thank you very very much

      admin said:

      Apr. 4, 2013

      Hello Louis, I meant to ask you before I put some of your photos in but forgot because I had only 2 days to edit the videos. I’m glad you approve. 🙂

    Annette Lemmin said:

    Apr. 15, 2013

    Da wird man ja ganz neidisch … das nächste Mal bist du nicht die einzige Deutsche1

      admin said:

      Apr. 17, 2013

      Hoffentlich nicht 🙂

    Kristine said:

    Jun. 1, 2013

    I loved this whole blog… The beautiful yogis in the UK, the talent, the vibrations, the land, Blake’s house *how wonderful!), going to shows in London!!! I read the book “…Flying…” after listening to your interview of the author and so much appreciated the perspective it had.. I have never listened through and read through a whole blog before, but what a wonderful experience it was to go through this one. Thank you!

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