The depth of your meditation will depend on how strongly you desire to be in meditation. You are going to communicate with your own energy within and can address this energy as Mother Kundalini.

This energy knows everything about you, and when we say everything we mean EVERYTHING! Scared? No? Good, because there is no need. Mother Kundalini wants you to be happy; therefore she won’t push or force you in any way. You have a free will and you will always be your own master.

Are you ready? Then take off your shoes, loosen your belt and sit comfortably on the floor or on a chair. Put your hands in your lap, palms up. Sit most comfortably, no “yoga” poses, no music, no mantras etc. are needed right now. Your environment should be quiet.

Close your eyes and desire deep from your heart to meditate. It has to come sincerely from your heart or it won’t work.

During the experience you need to keep your left hand with palm upwards on the lap and to place the right hand on various parts of the left side of your body. We will say a few affirmations now. Your subtle body already knows them and is just waiting to hear these affirmations. When you say them your Kundalini starts to rise up through your subtle system. Follow the images 1 to 9:

May be you are able to feel tingles in your hands or on your finger tips. May be you might feel a very subtle breeze coming out of the top of your head or in your hands. Maybe you are just feeling quiet and peaceful. In all cases you have just received your self-realization. Now, let the journey begin.

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