There is a whole super trooper navigation system planted in our bodies, consisting of three channels and seven chakras. Let’s call the channels Past, Present and Future and the chakras – mmmh, we come to that later.

The three channels are placed on the right, the left and in the middle of our bodies. The one on our left side is the Past. It influences our emotions, subconscious and psyche. It is also known as moon or female channel. Through the channel on our right flows the physical, mental and creative energy which creates our future. This channel is also called sun or male channel.

And then there is the queen of all channels, the centre channel. It runs along our spine and is responsible for our evolution and spiritual ascent. The energy of this channel is the most important, but it can only function when the right and left channels are in balance, meaning when we neither get dominated by our emotion nor by our thoughts.

As mentioned before there are also seven chakras in our subtle system. Their names and qualities are as follows:
1. Mooladhara Chakra – Qualities: Innocence and wisdom.
2. Swadisthana Chakra – Qualities: Creativity and pure knowledge.
3. Nabhi Chakra – Qualities: Peace, Righteousness and Mastership.
4. Heart (Anahata) Chakra – Qualities: Love, Compassion and Trust.
5. Vishuddhi Chakra – Qualities: Collectivity, Truthfulness and Witness Power.
6. Agnya Chakra – Qualities: Forgiveness and Thoughtless Awarness.
7. Sahastrara Chakra – Qualities: Integration, Connection with the Divine, Meditation.

“Chakra” is a Sanskrit word and means “wheel”. They are round and in constant clockwise circling motion. Through this motion they produce a subtle but powerful energy. The seven main chakras work as a control center in your central nerve system and control certain organs.

In order to activate your subtle system you need one more ingredient – the Kundalini. When we receive our self-realization, the Kundalini helps balancing the right and left channels, cleans the chakras and makes the whole system stronger which then supports us in our spiritual growth.

Through regular meditation the Kundalini establishes more and more the qualities of our chakras. You will experience that artificial behaviour and wrong identifications about yourself don’t do you any good, but that the Kundalini itself can transform us positively because it establishes the qualities of the chakras. This is the true spiritual evolution which can’t be achieved with will, manipulation or fanaticism, only with pure desire.

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