Cheers, Or May Be Not

Aug. 26, 2011 No Comments Posted under: Meditation

Alcohol is consumed by many on a regular base, supported by the government (it’s rather high taxed) and widely accepted as a conversation opener in all circles. Drunk people often make a fool of themselves but it’s easy to forgive them because ….. they were drunk. One shows an understanding smile, nods friendly and might even remember one’s own blackout.

There are countries where beer is considered to be food and not alcohol, countries where you get confused looks when you say that you don’t drink and countries where it’s good conduct to get your boss drunk on your expense.

But let’s be honest, does drinking really bring you closer to yourself? Does it make you really feel better? Does it really show who you are? When I got my realisation I didn’t touch any alcohol for weeks before I even realized consciously that I’m not drinking.  “Mmmhh,” I thought. “Very strange. “

At the time I worked in the music business and used to drink almost every day. There were unlimited parties, concerts and gatherings with free buzz and I took my cut alright. And here I was – absolutely no desire for drinking. Nobody had told me to stop, it just happened spontaneously. In meditation I could experience the true joy and not an artificial one.  The true joy is so satisfying that you don’t see a need of exchanging it.

It was a few month later when I was invited to a birthday party. Glasses were filled up with champagne, distributed to everyone, and after lots of cheering to the birthday boy everyone drunk a sip including me. Wow ! I didn’t see that one coming. The one sip turned into a fire column, went down to my stomach, exploded, reformed back to a fire column, went upwards into my head where it exploded again and then trickled down as sparks all over my inside.  Needless to say that I this was the last time I ever drunk again and this is now 20 years ago.

In one of her many lectures Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga, said the following:

Alcohol was created for polishing, it’s very good for example if you have to polish your crystal, you should use gin it’is very good, for diamonds or anything.  

Now God wanted you to have polished surfaces and polished things and all the clean look of it so He gave you this polish. Now you started drinking it, now what to do? He never asked you to drink, but if you drink that, then it polishes your intestines also. But it has its own nature. It doesn’t have any idea of morality, poor thing, we can’t blame the alcohol, because it is suppose to polish, wherever you put it, it polishes all right, so it polishes your liver also nicely. And when the liver is nicely polished then what happens that the heat from the liver, which is for the expulsion from the body, it has to pass into the bloodstream, cannot because there’s a barrier and because of that barrier the  poor liver does not know what to do. It just goes on accumulating all the heat within it and that’s how your liver goes out of circulation, and you have liver problems and you feel very giddy, nauseated, and the  liver is the one which really cleanses your attention. Whatever you gather from your attention it cleanses. So you become horrid, I mean you are all the time angry, hot-tempered, you bark at people all the time, all that thing is typically liverish you see.”

“Mmmmhhh”, I thought again and remembered clearly what an angry person I was before I started meditating, I think I’m going to try that one day, polishing something with alcohol that is. Don’t worry, it will be strictly outside, inside I’d like to keep my true joy.

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