Be Your Own Guru

Mar. 10, 2011 No Comments Posted under: Meditation

In the old days it was extremely difficult to achieve enlightenment. One had to purify mind and body, a journey which could turn into a very long process. Even if one was lucky enough to find a wise teacher who had enlightenment himself it was a rare event to happen since this teacher often would not have been able to pass it on. There was no way of becoming your own Guru.

Until one day, a lady with the name Nirmala Devi came along and found a way how to give enlightenment to many people at the same time and taught them how to pass it on to everyone who desired it. This was the birth of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. No one needed to go to the Himalayas anymore to find tranquility, no one had to go through major suffering to control the mind, no one had to get rid of old habits and rituals. As a matter of fact – no one needed to give up anything and could receive enlightenment comfortably through the awakening of Kundalini energy anywhere.

Once a few threads of this Kundalini energy are awakened and have risen up, everyone is able to develop a sixth sense and can pass it on to someone else. Our hands and body can feel the state of each energy centre and slowly we can find out our qualities and weaknesses. We don’t need anyone to tell us this; we can feel it for ourselves. And the best is that it happens totally effortless.

Of course there is a hook, you have to meditate to keep it up and make your sixth sense stronger. So don’t be deceived, it might sound great to become your own master, but you have to work for it.  Fortunately the “work” is extremely enjoyable. The more you meditate the more sensitive you become. Becoming your own master means that your skills of feeling your and other people vibrations will grow. You will be able to diagnose yourself, find out which chakra has a problem and clean it with simple techniques. This combined with self introspection will lead you the way to discover destructive conditionings within you and to gain knowledge in the qualities of the chakras and implement them.

You will turn things you have read in books, talks of wise people, conversations about spirituality into experiences; it is the end of second hand knowledge. And here is something else – if you keep meditating you will never hit a dead end street because your learning process will never stop.

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