At the end of September, the Ontario collective held its annual “Camp Couchiching Seminar”. We had about 140 people total – our best turnout yet! Of those, about 30 were “new” – attending a collective event for the first time – and came from all over Ontario. We were also delighted to host yogis from other parts of Canada (Nova Scotia) and even the United States (Connecticut, Windsor, Philadelphia and Canajoharie).

The collective’s desire was to make the focus of the seminar this year on new people, and to use the opportunity to introduce some new treatments and other aspects of Sahaj culture (havan, mantras, puja). It was truly a collective effort to make the weekend comfortable and enjoyable for the new people and no doubt this is why it worked out so beautifully.

Friday night we arrived at the camp, enjoyed some snacks, and spontaneous story sharing by the fire. Saturday morning the treatment sessions were conducted beautifully with simple explanations, and with ample time for people to become familiar with the new techniques. We enjoyed free time on Saturday after lunch (we were blessed with gorgeous weather, despite predictions of rain for the entire weekend!) and we had lots of fun playing games, exploring the scenic grounds – hiking, canoeing and kayaking, and making new friends. We then had a simple havan which was explained beautifully for the new people; the vibrations were very strong. Following havan, there was a Q&A session where people had the opportunity to anonymously ask questions which were answered by a panel of experienced yogis. Some really deep questions were put forth by the new people and the panel did a great job of addressing them, each with their own unique perspectives and styles. After dinner on Saturday we enjoyed an amazing entertainment program – including a sublime “meditation and music” performance, a lively performance of Iranian music by a group of new yogis, some very funny skits, and a special story sharing session. The evening ended with joyous bhajans and dancing.

Sunday morning was puja, which also was explained beautifully and simply. We listened to an excerpt of a talk, then invited the new people to come forward to offer flowers to Shri Mataji while bhajans were performed. The vibrations throughout the puja were tremendous, but several yogis commented that they felt exceptionally strong vibrations as the new people offered flowers.

We wrapped up the weekend by sharing with each other in small groups our reflections from the weekend. Parting gifts of beautiful altar clothes with incense were given to those attending for the first time, and everyone had the opportunity to provide feedback on the seminar.

Throughout the weekend, we all felt incredible vibrations and the depth of the experience was clear from the shining faces of both new and old yogis. Though the schedule was quite busy the entire weekend had a very balanced feel to it – nothing felt rushed and we had time to truly connect with each other, including people we hadn’t met before. Several new people commented on the warmth, openness and love they felt from the yogis. The yogis also have commented on the depth and sensitivity of the new people they interacted with. Though the seminar was geared towards new people, we all felt like we learned a lot, and we all grew deeper.

Hope to see you next year at Couchiching!

Shri Vishnumaya Tour 2011
Montreal, Canada – Feb 2011
Shri Vishnumaya Tour 2010
Canajoharie, USA – July 201

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